Artist Statement

The music that I produce is my sincere attempt at tapping into something that is beyond my ability to describe in words. Being unwilling to keep this quiet or to make concessions for the inadequacy of language I’ve chosen instrumental music in my attempt to accurately express what I can only call the sublime. As my music has progressed over the years I have developed a stronger sense of melody. I feel that melody is the Rosetta Stone. It is the heart of the language of music.

Melody can be evasive. In my search I have tried to decipher the melodic essence of as many musical styles from different cultures as I can. I also try to make myself available to it by simplifying things. I go into nature where it is quiet and where things are in there raw state. It is also in nature where some of my most inexpressible feelings come from. Being in it also gives me the inspiration and clarity to engage in the difficult yet rewarding process of writing.

I have chosen the acoustic guitar as my voice because it has an earthy quality to it.  I feel a direct connection with the sound that vibrates through the wood. The guitar has given me so much. Any music that I have written and recorded with it has had an absolute healing effect on me. It is my hope that anyone who hears my music also feels nourished and that they experience the same joy that I felt when it was created.